About Us

BMC POWER Engine and Control Technologies Inc. was established in March 2017 under the 100% ownership of BMC Automotive Industry and Trade Inc., which has been operating since 1964, and provides engineering and design services at its headquarter office located in Istanbul Teknopark.

BMC POWER is established with a very critical purpose in both national and international scale with the purpose of fulfilling a domestic and national engine need in terms of production and design; which is in Turkey’s 2023 vision and not only vital for our country that has a very high level of importance in global arena in terms of its geopolitical and strategic position, and contiguous countries but also for our allies. In the projects, BMC POWER is working to create an ecosystem that will develop new technologies locally and nationally in the powerpack.

The first cranking of the 585-horsepower engine, which was designed and produced entirely with domestic and national capabilities with the contributions of universities, industrialists and engineering firms, was successfully realized on 05 July 2018. Operations to design higher power engine and powerpack are in progress.

The very first objective of BMC POWER, which maintains a good relationship with numerous universities in addition to its local and foreign connections, is to contribute to Turkey’s national values. The BMC POWER development team, which consists of expert staff members, plans to develop and produce the powerpack domestically in compliance with our country and allied countries’ needs.

The powerpack will be constituted by constructing engines and transmissions under technical conditions such as performance, strength, serviceability and dedicated power requirements. 

BMC Power