BMC Power

BMC POWER Engine and Control Technologies Inc. was established in March 2017 under the 100% ownership of BMC Automotive Industry and Trade Inc., which has been operating since 1964, and provides engineering and design services at its headquarter office located in Istanbul Teknopark.

BMC POWER is established with a very critical purpose in both national and international scale with the purpose of fulfilling a domestic and national engine need in terms of production and design; which is in Turkey’s 2023 vision and not only vital for our country that has a very high level of importance in global arena in terms of its geopolitical and strategic position, and contiguous countries but also for our allies. In the projects, BMC POWER is working to create an ecosystem that will develop new technologies locally and nationally in the powerpack.

The first cranking of the 585-horsepower engine, which was designed and produced entirely with domestic and national capabilities with the contributions of universities, industrialists and engineering firms, was successfully realized on 05 July 2018. Operations to design higher power engine and powerpack are in progress.

The very first objective of BMC POWER, which maintains a good relationship with numerous universities in addition to its local and foreign connections, is to contribute to Turkey’s national values. The BMC POWER development team, which consists of expert staff members, plans to develop and produce the powerpack domestically in compliance with our country and allied countries’ needs.

The powerpack will be constituted by constructing engines and transmissions under technical conditions such as performance, strength, serviceability and dedicated power requirements. 

BMC Power

To become a reliable global company that minimizes external dependence on business that is created to sustain the national and domestic talent for the design and production of all kinds of drive systems in accordance with the needs of Turkey and all the regional countries.

To provide economic, reliable and highly competitive solutions by implementing value-added powerpack projects, ensuring technology transfer and meeting the needs of stakeholders at the highest level in a very peaceful and participatory work environment.

Being Local and National,
Being a Techology Solution Center,
Contributing to Country Goals,
GTo be the leading company that develops and develops.

BMC Power

A Career in BMC Power

As BMC POWER, we believe our strong and creative human resources stand behind our success in developing and innovating high-tech domestic products for the defense industry and commercial vehicles.

Our purpose is to increase our employees’ behavioral and professional competence consistently with improvement opportunities and to provide them appropriate career opportunities by discovering their potential in order to provide high quality and technological products. For this reason, we add the most qualified applicants to the BMC family, and we improve our Human Resources processes and systems with the constant improvement philosophy. 

As BMC POWER, we aim to have a continuously developing human resources structure that adopts the shared corporate culture and values, that believes in the importance of change, that has a quality and customer-oriented approach. 

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Different Parts and Systems

300 People

Powerfull Production Staff

The protection of personal data is one of the most important priorities of BMC POWER Motor and Control Technologies Corporation and our Company strives to comply with all applicable legislation in this regard. The most important pillar of this issue is the BMC POWER’s Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy ("Policy").

Within the framework of this Policy; in accordance with the principles adopted in the execution of personal data processing activities carried out by our Company and the regulations of our Company's data processing activities in the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698, the basic principles adopted are explained and thus our Company provides the necessary transparency by informing personal data owners. With the full awareness of our legal responsibility in this context, your personal data is processed and protected within the content and scope of the Policy.

For more information please kindly review:
Personel Data Protection and Processing Policy

Data Owner Application Form

As BMC POWER, we always see our employees as our most important value in our efforts to achieve our strategic goals in line with our vision and mission.
In this direction, we adopt as the most important principle to take the necessary measures in order to create a healthy and safe work environment for BMC POWER employees and anyone who is on the factory site for work, internship or visit.
Based on the slogan of "Clean, Healthy and Quality Production" that we have adopted as BMC POWER, we act with the aim of creating the necessary awareness and culture on occupational health and safety issues with all our employees, including the senior management, and with the belief that all work accidents and occupational diseases are preventable.